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This 3-D Latte Art Is Too Cute to Sip

Totally Instagram-worthy

3-D latte art is taking Japanese cafés by storm as the latest coffee trend. These cute-looking foam creations of things like rabbits, dogs, and cats have been cropping up all over social media in various adorable shapes.

Most notably, a café in Harajuku called Reissue has a dedicated in-house 3-D latte artist. Kohei Matsuno uses milk foam to shape things like tiny dairy animals and uses chocolate to give them facial expressions and small thoughtful details.

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But his range spreads far beyond cute woodland creatures. Matsuno can make anything from cars to sushi with his skillful hands, and customers are nuts for it.

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According to, the latte artist makes around 50 to 60 of these impressive looking lattes a day — and each one takes about 4 minutes.

Want to try your hand at a 3-D creation? Check out these 8 tips for making beautiful latte art.

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