The World's Most Amazing Latte Art

No food trend has taken our breath away quite like latte art. The foamy, intricate, and edible designs made by highly skilled barista-slash-artists are among the best things on Instagram, posted by happy customers in cafes across the world as well as by those who create them. We're captivated by these talented coffee slingers who have crafted cups of coffee into everything from reproductions of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" to lifelike 3D latte bears, cats, and more.

The World's Most Amazing Latte Art Gallery

These amazing creations are mostly made with steamed milk passed through espresso in patterns and shapes, but some artists have taken it to the next level, using food coloring and even glitter to make their designs stand out. We combed through photos from cafes, restaurants, Instagram, and even coffee competitions to find what we consider to be the most amazing latte art from all over the world.

We found some artists who do this professionally and some who do it for fun — but they're are all crazy talented at turning coffee into beautiful works of art. While one trend we've seen lately is coffee shops using special latte printers to create designs such as Ryan Gosling's face atop a steaming mug, for the purposes of this gallery we have kept it old-school and just selected art that was hand-created, not computer-generated.

What we find most impressive is that you can actually drink these designs when they're done! Although it might take a little convincing (and a lot of pictures) before your first sip. Once that coffee hits your lips, that design is gone. If you think you're impressed by your local barista who knows how to draw a little latte-foam heart, you'll be totally wowed by the world's most amazing latte art.