Use Iconic Candy for These 10 Halloween Drinks

Utilize your favorite candies by turning them into something fun to quaff
Halloween Cocktail


No matter what your favorite candy is, it can probably be turned into a beverage.

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to stock up on candy. But not just for eating. To compile a drink menu that sets your Halloween bash apart from the rest, there’s no need for fancy ingredients or expensive liquors. In fact, whether they contain alcohol or not, there are plenty of drink recipes that can be made with Halloween candy.

Use Iconic Candy for These 10 Halloween Drinks (Slideshow)

Crazy for candy corn? Combine Angostura bitters and bourbon with candy corn syrup to create a festive spin off of the timeless Old Fashioned. If you’re looking to host a party filled with candy-themed desserts rather than a list of the same old cocktails, mash up your favorite chocolate and make it into a milkshake.

Candy Cocktail


Use iconic candy for these drinks.

Whether you’re hosting a rowdy Halloween bash, a casual spooky night by a bonfire, or a kid-friendly gathering, there’s a candy-filled drink recipe for every occasion. Use iconic candy to create yummy Halloween beverages.