These 9 Restaurants Make the Most Amazing Mimosas

Making a mimosa is simple, but making a brilliant one takes flair — and these restaurants have it

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Brunch junkies, listen up!

A classic mimosa is simple enough to prepare if you have three basic ingredients: Champagne, orange juice, and a glass. The mimosa’s simplicity allows it to be recreated and reinvented, giving it an enormous amount of potential.

These 9 Restaurants Make the Most Amazing Mimosas (Slideshow)

What’s the Champagne to mixer ratio? In the English version of the cocktail, called a golden buck, it's usually about two parts champagne to one part juice. The mimosa typically consists of something closer to a 50–50 blend — but not necessarily. And some versions include orange liqueur or other ingredients.  No matter how you spin it, there are plenty of ways to make a great mimosa, and we’ve found nine restaurants that have mastered this brunch essential.

A perfect mimosa attracts a rowdy day-drinking crowd seeking an afternoon filled with refreshing cocktails and a hearty meal. It's not surprising, then, that a number of these restaurants have tasty food selections, too. Many also offer a bottomless drinks option. What could be better?

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