You Won’t Believe How Much Sugar Is in These ‘Healthy’ Drinks

Don’t let the labels fool you

You might as well drink soda.

It’s a known fact that soda is not the best thing for your body. In an attempt to enjoy tasty drinks without all the health issues, a lot of people have been swapping their cans of Cola for fruit juice, smoothies, or bottled tea.

Plenty of drinks that aren’t soda or alcohol have “healthy” reputations that may or may not be justified. Though they remain popular, take a moment and ask yourself: Do you really know what these alternatives contain?

We’re not here to burst your bubble, but there are a lot of healthy drinks out there that actually aren’t that healthy. In fact, they’re loaded with sugar — which is said to be one of the unhealthiest ingredients in all of our food and drinks.

It never hurts to do some nutritional research on every product that you’re purchasing. To get you started, here’s the sugar count on some popular products that are sure to give you a shock. But keep in mind, a typical 20-ounce can of soda can contain up to 65 grams of sugar!

Tropicana No Pulp Orange Juice (8 ounces) — 22 grams

Tropicana Products, Inc. / ItemMaster

Arizona Iced Tea (8 ounces) — 24 grams

Sweet Leaf Tea Co. / ItemMaster

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice (12 ounces)— 48 grams

Welch’s / ItemMaster

Jamba Juice Banana Berry Smoothie (16 ounces) — 41 grams

Photo Modified: Flickr / theimpulsivebuy / CC BY-SA 4.0

Vitamin Water Flavored Water (20 ounces) — 32 grams 

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