Step Up Your Fling (Pre)-Game

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Step Up Your Fling (Pre)-Game



First and foremost come the beverages. No pregame can be top-notch without a plethora of alcohol that will satisfy the taste of any guest.

If you’ve got some tequila on hand, I recommend going with a grapefruit soda to accompany it. This simple combination is a staple cocktail at many bars–and tastes delicious. Garnish with a lime if you’re feeling professional. (Tip: If you don’t have grapefruit soda, simply mixing grapefruit juice and seltzer will suffice!)

You can also use that extra grapefruit juice and mix it with some vodka. With a little salt on the rim, this drink is called the Salty Dog and is minimalistic but extremely scrumptious.

Also, if you’re anything like me, you always have some extra bottles of Snapple Peach Iced Tea on hand. Top some bourbon off with this classic beverage and you’ve got a refreshing mixed drank to start your night off right.

Finally, do you have some leftover bubbly from your most recent champagne-and-shackles soiree? Pour it up with some OJ (freshly squeezed if you really wanna do it right) for the perfect, White Dog-worthy mimosa. Even better, get some peach puree as an additional option and make some tasty Bellinis.


WhiteGirlMusic: This music and lifestyle blog is a necessity for any get together. With playlists ranging from “Cruisin’” to “Wine & Cheese” and “Pre-Game,” you’ll be able to score the perfect music mix to accompany the vibe of your shindig.



8tracks: One of my favorite music websites, 8tracks has an unlimited database of user-created playlists–and tons of them are made to be played at your pregame. Follow this link and you’ll see what I mean.

Complex Music: If your more of a do-it-yourself kind of party thrower, Complex Music put together a list of 21 pregame-ready songs to start the party off right.


One of my all-time favorite drinking games is Cheers Governor. Perfect for any size group, this game is guaranteed to make your pregame one to remember. Instructions here.

Slap Cup is another extremely underrated game that gets more heated than a frat tourney of beer pong. You will definitely need a lot of plastic cups for this one and a ping-pong ball, but those aren’t too hard to find. Also, it is usually played with beer, but any beverage will work. Use your imagination. Instructions here.



If you’re having a more relaxed, chill pregame with a few friends, games based on TV shows are always fun. There are tons of different versions of these all over the Internet, but here’s one of my favorites, based on the hilarious Comedy Central series, Workaholics.

Overall, I hope that these tips and tricks will encourage any and all party people to step up their (pre)game. Fling on, thirsty ones!

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