10 Terrific Champagne Mixers

Ten liquors that make for good bubbly mixers.

You're hosting the New Year's Eve festivities this year and you're totally prepared. You've got it all: Food, favors, and most importantly — a well-stocked bar.

Good vodka for those who like it simply with club soda, whiskey or scotch for the neat and on-the-rocks drinkers, tequila for taking late-night shots. And of course, it being New Year's Eve, Champagne (or at least some alternative) is a must. But you know how parties go — the later it gets, the more likely it is that people will just start mixing together whatever is on-hand. 

So in an effort to help avoid any champagne-liquor mixing misshaps, we've compiled a list of ten great spirits to mix with Champagne — and the cocktails you should make with them.


Gin: French 75

From The Daily Meal

Arm tired from shaking all those dirty martinis? Pour some of that gin into a flute with what's left of the Champagne and make this pre-Prohibition classic. Or if you have some other mixers behind the bar, like pear liqueur or blood orange juice, you could always whip together something that expands upon the theme.


Tequila: Champagne Margaritas

From The Daily Meal

You might not necessarily think it, but tequila and sparkling wine make a nice match. Especially for those who find the taste of tequila a little harsh, this bubbly take on the classic margarita is well-balanced.


Grand Marnier: Grand Champagne Cocktail

From The Daily Meal

If you have some of this organge-flavored liqueur on-hand (maybe you used a little to make something sweet for your guests), try it in combination with a nice, dry champagne.


Cognac: Classic Champagne Cocktail

From The Daily Meal

Champagne and cognac? This smooth, distinguished spirit is actually one of the main ingredients of the classic Champagne cocktail.


Rum: Bacardi Champagne Cocktail

From The Daily Meal

Tiki-flavors meets bubbly in this bright, fruity punch.


Absinthe: Death in the Afternoon

From The Daily Meal

With absinthe cocktails making a comeback, this straightforward drink adds a touch of sparkle to anise-flavored green spirit. Let's just hope the name doesn't indicate how you'll be feeling the next day.


Brandy: Champagne Cooler

From Bar None Drinks

With just three ingredients this recipe keeps things simple, without slacking on spirits or flavor.


Vodka: Champagne Martini

From Drink of the Week

For those who fall on the vodka side of the iconic martini debate, make it a Champagne Martini this New Year's Eve.


Whiskey: Americana

From Drink Swap

Champagne and whiskey combine to powerful effect in this boozy cocktail, while the sugar adds a touch of sweetness.


St. Germain: Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

From Zested


The natural pairing of St. Germain and Champagne creates a light, floral drink, here garnished with cucumber and mint.