Beyond Eggnog: 10 Festive Holiday Drinks

Beyond Eggnog: 10 Festive Holiday Drinks

Taking advantage of the flavors of the season will help you jazz up cocktails to enhance the taste of your meal, too. For example, cinnamon easily transitions from the pantry to the minibar when combined with ingredients like Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka and butterscotch schnapps.

Another great cocktail idea is to create brown sugar simple syrup to add both sweetness and depth to cocktails — especially when brown liquor is involved.

Whether you're hosting or you are a guest, these cocktails are easy to serve up individually or in batches. (Isn't that why we love eggnog, anyway?)

Read on for 10 holiday drinks and will impress even the most discerning of guests.

Apple Pie Punch

Apple cider, tangerine-infused vodka, and light rum create a pie punch that smells as good as it tastes. Bring dessert to your bar with this delectable cocktail.

Click here for the Apple Pie Punch recipe.

Candy Cane Martini

This is a requisite cocktail for your holiday get-together. The adorable mini candy cane and the combination of mint, crème, and vodka will satisfy each guest's sweet tooth.

Click here for the Candy Cane Martini recipe.

Cherry Cobbler

Sour cherry bitters help to bring together flavors of VSOP and East India Solera in this sweet holiday cocktail. This works as a great dinner-to-dessert beverage; you can enjoy it during dinner or dessert!

Click here for the Cherry Cobbler recipe.

Cranberry Martini

SKYY Infusions Coastal Cranberry captures the bright essence of cranberry with a dry, alluring aroma, and lively taste that is both sweet and tart, giving the cocktail a festive twinkle.

Click here for the Cranberry Martini recipe.

Fig Fling

Dark liquor like bourbon comes to life with the addition of orange and lemon. Fig jam brings it all together for a rich and luscious cocktail that will complement all the flavors of the table.

Click here for the Fig Fling recipe.

Mistletoe Mulled Wine

Punch-style cocktails are a hit at holiday parties because they are meant to be made in big batches. This mulled wine is a make-once, serve-all-night cocktail that celebrates the flavors of the holiday season.

Click here for the Mistletoe Mulled Wine recipe.

Spanish Fly

Rich in color and layered with flavors, Juan Martinez of Toca Madera West Hollywood created a holiday-themed cocktail that nods to farm-fresh ingredients that will most likely be showcased on the tables of food lovers everywhere. Rich honey mixes with earthy sage for a cocktail that tastes and smells just like the crisp cool air. 

Click here for the Spanish Fly recipe.

Spiced Martini

The tangy bright flavor of Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka practically screams the holiday season. This martini brings the flavors of the table straight to your martini glass.  

Click here for the Spiced Martini recipe.

Sugar Cookie Cocktail

There simply must be a dessert cocktail on your roster of drinks to serve this season. A combination of vanilla vodka, honey, Irish cream, and Drambuie come together to create what could be the sweetest drink you'll serve all year.

Click here for the Sugar Cookie Cocktail recipe.

Sweet Potato Pie Cocktail

Turn the table's favorite dessert into a cocktail courtesy of Skinnygirl Bare Naked Vodka. It's always smart to serve a lighter cocktail during the holidays, when most people are feeling full from their heavy meals. Using Skinnygirl will do just that. The same purée used to make your pie is mixed with butterscotch schnapps for a crisp and creamy cocktail with hardly any calories.

Click here for the Sweet Potato Pie cocktail recipe.