Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe from 10 Kid-Friendly Smoothies (Slideshow)

10 Kid-Friendly Smoothies (Slideshow)

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Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe

So sweet and delicious, your kids won’t even know how healthy this drink is: packed with protein, vitamin D, and vitamin C, this is one treat you’ll feel great about giving them.

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Chocolate-Almond Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie tastes like dessert, but is really packed with flavonoids, vitamin E, and tons of protein. We won’t tell you if you don’t.

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Tropical Kale Smoothie Recipe

Mango and pineapple team up to cover the healthy taste of kale — and provide plenty of vitamins C and A to boot. For smoothie beginners, you can cut the recommended amount of kale in half.

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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Ah, peanut butter and banana. What would childhood have been without this classic flavor combination? Blend them together for one tasty and healthful drink.

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Coconut Brain Power Smoothie

As every kid knows, studying hard requires good snacks. What better than to give your child a smoothie that can help improve circulation and blood flow to the brain? Yummy and good for you: win/win.

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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Pure, simple, and delicious. You can sub out frozen strawberries for fresh in the winter, or to add a little extra chill factor in the summer.

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Peach-Ginger Banana Smoothie

Healthy, fresh tasting, and with a grown-up flavor you can enjoy, too — try making a double batch to split before school.

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Antioxidant Powerhouse Kale Smoothie

Three kinds of berries and a healthy dose of pomegranate juice provide a major antioxidant boost while masking kale’s bitter flavor.

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Sugar Plum Fairy Smoothie

This smoothie is a little more complicated, but we promise it’s worth it for this unusual and delicately spiced treat. You can order yucuma powder, which the recipe calls for, from — it’s a healthy, low glycemic sweetener.

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Normally, pie is an occasional treat, but when you blend it up into this healthy smoothie, it can be pie day every day.

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