Pasta for Breakfast! 11 Easy and Delicious Recipes

Who says pasta has to be for lunch or dinner?
Cooking School: Fresh Pasta Dough

The Daily Meal cook editor, Kritie Collado shows you how to make a simple fresh pasta dough.

Scrambled eggs over pasta makes for an unconventionally perfect breakfast. 

Breakfast-time pasta is popping up all over our favorite brunch menus, so why not try it at home? It seems pretty arbitrary what we deem appropriate foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when the same basic nutrients appear in all three meals. So why not try pasta for breakfast?

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Be a rebel and break the breakfast time rules. These pasta dishes will satisfy your noodle cravings, and they’re packed with protein to keep you full until your next meal. Dishes with eggs, sausage, beans, and bacon all provide “breakfast-like” protein-packed options. Balance these robust flavors with sweet and acidic tomatoes, healthy greens, and starchy potatoes. Everything from gnocchi to pappardelle is on the table when picking your next breakfast pasta favorite.  

For a little breakfast pasta inspiration, we have rounded up our favorite pasta dishes that easily make the leap from lunchtime indulgence or dinnertime treat to the centerpiece of the most important meal of the day.

Crusty Cheddar Pasta Pie

Shutterstock / Natalia Korshunova

Instead of a breakfast quiche, try this pasta pie. Switch up the cheese or add bacon to suit your early morning cravings.

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Gluten-Free Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce

Photo Modified: Flickr / An Mai / CC BY-SA 4.0

If you are a gluten-free pasta addict, try this gnocchi recipe. Why can’t breakfast include pasta? This dish uses eggs, potatoes, and chunky tomato sauce.

For the Gluten-Free Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce recipe, click here.


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