How to Prep for Your Easiest Thanksgiving Yet

There’s no reason to panic — everything is under control!
How to Prep for Your Easiest Thanksgiving Yet

Just the thought of hosting and preparing a Thanksgiving day meal can cause some people to spin out of control and break out into a cold sweat. “The turkey! The stuffing! The sides! The pies!” these people clamor and cry, making such a fuss and hullaballoo you’d think the sky was falling. And really, there’s absolutely no need for this sort of behavior.

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If you recognize some of these melodramatic tendencies within yourself, do not panic. Quell that feeling before it has a chance to emerge. With the right approach, Thanksgiving can be a day filled with good food, and, though there may be family members present that bring with them an inevitable dose of stress, you can rest assured that the food will nothing but stress-free.


From the right way to plan the meal as a whole to prepping individual courses in the most sensible way, making dishes ahead of time, peeling and chopping ingredients and storing everything the right way, these tips are sure to save you time and energy on the day itself. So don’t delay, read on a discover how to prep for your easiest Thanksgiving yet!