Garlic mashed potatoes

Garlic Mashed Potatoes Are the Ultimate Side Dish

It’s honestly the only thing you ever need to make

When hosting a dinner party, planning out your wedding dinner menu, or even just figuring out what to make for supper on any random Wednesday night, coming up with the perfect side dish is honestly the hardest task. The protein comes naturally; do you want something elegant, hearty, or healthy? But finding the dish that pairs perfectly with whatever your choice is can be much more daunting. You want something delicious (of course) but you also want something that won’t overshadow the star of the plate but will please a crowd.

And there’s one side dish that will always fulfill all of these requirements: garlic mashed potatoes. Yes, the humble mashed potato, with a hint of extra flavor, is the one and only side dish that will fit all of your entertaining needs.

When I think of comfort foods, garlic mashed potatoes are right at the top of the list. Yes, this everyday side dish is more delicious and warming to me than macaroni and cheese, French fries, creamed spinach, and grits. These fluffy, billowing piles of root vegetable are subtle, creamy, and gut-filling.

With the right herb garnish, you can not only change the flavor of garlic mashed potatoes to fit the rest of your menu, but you’ll also have an elegant presentation. Rosemary, parsley, chives, and oregano are all natural fits for a garlic mashed potato and can help to mold this already savory and satisfying dish into something truly next-level.

So, forget your seasonal vegetables, your pasta salads, and your rice dishes. The garlic mashed potato is all you need. Don’t believe us? Check out this perfect garlic mashed potato recipe and try them out yourself.