Get Ready for Apple Pie Day With These 21 All-American Recipes

Check out these 21 perfect apple pie recipes that are baked, fried, and even grilled

This classic apple pie is made with a double-crust, and filled with sweet, spiced apples.

Apple pie is delicious any time of year, so whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving, Independence Day, or National Apple Pie Day this May 13, you won’t be disappointed by sweet apples in a flaky crust topped with Cheddar cheese, fresh whipped cream, or served à la mode.

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Embrace your sweet tooth by diving fork first into one of the mot quintessentially American desserts: apple pie. Start with tender, flaky pie dough, and then fill your pie with a sweet and spiced apple filling, before topping with a decorative top crust, and baking until golden brown.

If you are making your crust from scratch, be sure to keep everything chilled until you are ready to bake your pie. To start, cut cold butter into flour using your pastry cutter until you end up with pea-sized pieces of butter mixed in with the flour. The small pieces of butter will help produce that flaky crust you desire. Don’t overwork the dough once the water is added or your crust will turn tough. Finally, it is OK to still see visible pieces of butter in your dough as you roll it out on a floured surface.

Save dough scraps to make decorative pieces for your pie, or toss the scraps in cinnamon sugar and bake on their own for a sweet, buttery treat.

For the filling, you want to choose the right apple, one that will hold its shape while the pie bakes. The more acidic the apple, the less likely it is to completely breakdown in the oven. Granny Smith, Royal Gala, Empire, Courtland, and Golden Delicious will fare much better than Red Delicious or McIntosh apples that are better for eating raw.

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