Beyond Pie: 13 Other Delicious Pumpkin Desserts

Consider the pumpkin possibilities with these desserts featuring pumpkin without the pie


Top this pumpkin yogurt with candied pumpkin seeds for a light and healthy dessert that tastes like pumpkin pie.

Fall ushers in cooler temperatures and a new crop of produce at the farmer’s market — perhaps most notably, because of their size and bright colors, pumpkins. With 80 percent of the pumpkin crop in the U.S. harvested in October, you can safely bet that there will be plenty of pumpkins for you to choose from in coming weeks for your Halloween jack-o-lanterns and spiced fall desserts.

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All pumpkins are not created equally, and just as their appearances vary from orange to green, large to small, so does their taste, texture, and suitability for cooking. If you are looking to expand beyond Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and incorporate this healthy, delicious, and versatile food into a wider array of dessert recipes, you will need to understand how to pick the perfect pumpkin for baking.

Reserve the large carving pumpkins for your fall décor; they aren’t the best for baking because their pulp tends to be watery and stringy. Instead look for smaller pumpkins between four and eight pounds. Such varieties as sugar pumpkins, Baby Bears, Cinderellas, Fairytales, New England pie pumpkins, and Baby Pams have dense, smooth flesh perfect for making pumpkin purée for your favorite dessert recipe.

Your choice of pumpkin is crucial to the texture and flavor of your dessert. Libby’s, the largest supplier of canned pumpkin in the country, grows its own unique variety of pumpkin to produce a consistent, concentrated, smooth pumpkin purée. Don’t be afraid to opt for canned purée in lieu of making your own.

Whether you use canned purée or homemade these 13 delicious pumpkin dessert recipes will be a hit at your fall holiday parties.

Cranberry Pumpkin Cookies

Cranberry Pumpkin Cookies


These cranberry pumpkin cookies are the perfect fall cookie.

Dried cranberries give these festive pumpkin cookies a nice zing and fruitiness. Pack these along with your brown-bag lunch for a little something special. — Taste of Home

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Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread


Serve this pumpkin bread with cinnamon gelato for a delicious fall dessert.

Nothing says fall like a loaf of pumpkin bread making its way out from the oven! The hankering for this tasty bread remains year-long for many and well within reach with canned pumpkin and a few other baking staples. — Egg-land’s Best Eggs

For the Pumpkin Bread recipe, click here.

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