Best Food News on the Web: 8/23/2012

Second servings of great food and drink stories from The Daily Meal that you may have missed this week

You missed them the first time, so grab a helping of these great stories on their second time around.

Sure, it's been a busy week. So you may have missed some of the great stories put out by The Daily Meal's talented editors and their fantastic special contributors. But you wouldn't want to head into the weekend having missed some of the best food stories on the Web. So here's a second serving of some of the great food and drink stories that you definitely shouldn't have missed.



Guy Fieri to Cure College Munchies Starting Fall Actually, this makes perfect sense. (Read on.)

Ruth Bourdain's Ridiculous Book to Define 'Carniwhores,' 'Gastrosexuals' More details from the caricature's upcoming book, out Sept. 4.


Outrageously Expensive Foods A collection of dishes with price tags you probably can’t afford. (And ones I definitely can't. Hence, the slideshow. Visual satisfaction.)

24 Places to Get Drunk On Your Food Our list of who's serving the most scrumptious spiked foods.


101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World A carefully curated collection of the world’s most exemplary epicurean endeavors. 

The Daily Meal #BestHotelRestos Cape Grace South Africa Sweepstakes Enter for a chance to win accommodation at Cape Grace in Cape Town, South Africa. (Really, enter. It's a Twitter competition.) 


A New Look at Vegetarian Cooking From New York City's Dirt Candy The Daily Meal interviews award-winning chef Amanda Cohen, who shares delicious vegetarian recipes inspired by her New York City restaurant Dirt Candy.

Chef David Burke’s 6 Unique Dishes From 6 Common Ingredients New and exciting ways to look at seasonal and fresh produce.


Mike's Caribbean Spiced Ribs Recipe Steamed first and then finished on the grill, with a moist interior and crispy exterior.

Peppercorn Brined Pork Chops Recipe Stubbornly clinging to the last bits of summer… 


Top 25 Disney Food Moments We’ve recapped and ranked — see if you agree with our favorite moments!

Registry Redux: Equipment Essentials You’ve set the table, you have your knives — now what?


Busy Mom Tips from Antonia Lofaso Top Chef's Antonia Lofaso gives her advice and recipe for making delcious meals on the go.

Jose Andres Part 4 Chef Andrés discusses his philanthropy efforts and what he's working on next.


Homebrewers Call on President Obama to Release Brew Recipe New petition, plus a Freedom of Information Act request for the White House ale.

Is This the World's Most Expensive Wine? A bottle of Australia's Penfolds wine costs $176,000.

VIDEO: How to Make a Beet Negroni Will Nazar from Parm shows us how.



An Edible Mosaic brings us "Pizza Mac & Cheese."

Crumb whips up some "Grilled Peach, Prosciutto and Bocconcini Pizza." 


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