Registry Redux: Equipment Essentials

You’ve set the table, you have your knives — now what?

Yay, you’re engaged! Now what?

You’re about to start a life with someone, and that life requires an immense amount of equipment — the tools of living! These can include things for the bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room, but most importantly, you'll need tools for the kitchen.

How do you go about choosing the right pots, the perfect pans, and the sharpest knives? We have you covered. All week long we’ll be bringing you tips of the trade on what’s hot in the kitchen (excuse the pun) and what the necessities are for making meals for your family, your friends, your spouse, and hosting parties that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Our go-to expert Jeffery Elliot, author of Zwilling J.A. Henckels Complete Book of Knife Skills, has given us a slew of tips, from knife musts to flatware essentials and cookware. His last words of wisdom for us are on kitchen equipment, which he keeps short and sweet:

What else should I look into for my kitchen? 

A good blender, mixer, toaster, and coffee maker.

But the fun doesn't have to stop there. The Daily Meal staff has a thing or two to say about the equipment they’ll register for when that special time rolls around. Here’s what they had to say:

Will Budiaman, Recipe Editor: VitaPrep, KitchenAid stand mixer with meat grinding and pasta attachments, and a Keurig coffee maker.

Ali Rosen, Video Producer: Evaluate how much space you have and go from there. You should always get a KitchenAid mixer, but be sure to get attachments. That way, instead of having a mixer, a Cuisinart and an ice cream maker etc., you can just have one machine. A toaster oven is also important rather than a toaster because then you can also easily cook dinner for two in it (like fish, etc.).

Lauren Mack, Travel Editor: A toaster oven is much more versatile than a normal toaster. And a blender that is a blender but also has the attachments for a food processor is smart, so you get two pieces of equipment for the price of one.

Marcy Franklin, Associate Editor: A wedding registry is the time to invest in the nice wine glasses or rocks glasses you wouldn’t normally buy. You can make a whole new collection from scratch, rather than the random stems that you have from college that haven’t broken yet.

Anne Dolce, Cook Editor: KitchenAid stand mixer. You need one, even if you don’t plan on baking — ever.

Jane Bruce, Photo Editor: Get something for everything — glasses for wine, Scotch, beer, and margaritas; bowls for cereal, pasta, and rice; and ice cream cups. That way, you never have to eat or drink anything that’s not in its proper dish ever again (God forbid). Also, toaster ovens 4-eva.