Homebrewers Call on President Obama to Release Brew Recipe

New petition, plus a Freedom of Information Act request for the White House ale
FOIA for Obama's Beer

Photo Beer Summit Review Modified: Flickr/Mike Licht/CC 4.0

Beer lovers everywhere want President Obama's beer recipe.

Everyone wants a taste of President Obama's homebrewed beer, so much so that they're willing to petition the government.

Obama's beer, which has been traveling with him on his campaign bus, is intriguing homebrewers everywhere. (After all, who doesn't want to drink like the POTUS?) So they're joining together to get Obama's secret recipe: a new petition has been initiated for Obama's recipe for the Honey Ale. The petition on We the People (the administration's web page for petitions) reads, "In keeping with the brewing traditions of the founding fathers, homebrewers across America call on the Obama Administration to release the recipe for the White House home brew so that it may be enjoyed by all." (Even better, the petition ends with a Teddy Roosevelt quote: "I think it’s time for beer.") 

So far, it's gained just more than 400 signatures. The bad news? It needs 25,000 to be recognized by the White House. Beer lovers, get on it. 

Government Executive reports on another strategy to get Obama's beer recipe: a Freedom of Information Act request. A Reddit user asked for the recipes for the honey brewed ale and any other beer brewed by White House staff. Serious stuff, except the user ends the request with a sidenote: "Also, if you could send me a copy autographed by the president, you'd be the coolest FOIA officer in the federal government, and who could resist that title?" 


(Photo Beer Summit Review Modified: Flickr/Mike Licht/CC 4.0)