Top 25 Disney Food Moments

The Daily Meal recently brought you a mighty long list of great food moments in Disney films. Yes, we had Lady and the Tramp and no, we didn't forget "Hi, Dad Soup," from A Goofy Movie (a serious Daily Meal staff favorite), and we definitely couldn't go without including all those shrunken food scenes from the Honey I Shrunk the Kids movies.

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However, among the 91 moments, there are some extra-special ones — those movies that bring you right back those childhood days where you sat, wide-eyed, blanket in tow, star-struck over Disney and its undeniable magic.

15 Daily Meal staffers sat down, ironed out the list, and went through all 91 moments, watching scene after scene. A show of hands cast votes, and whichever moments had the majority vote (or for some, a unanimous vote) made the cut. Then, we raked through the top 25 and decided their rank based on how memorable, iconic, and yes, downright funny they were.

Even some of the younger members of The Daily Meal's staff were rooting for classics like Snow White, Cinderella, and The Lion King, but many were more than a little attached to those of Pixar fame like Up, Toy Story, and Tangled. But there could only be 25. So which ones made the cut? Find out for yourselves!

If you agree, if you don't agree, or if there are moments that we've missed all together, we want to know! Shout out to us in the comments!