The World’s Most Popular Santa Clauses

The jolliest and merriest of Saint Nicks

You better watch out, you better not cry...

There are plenty of things we don’t know about the merry yet mysterious Saint Nicholas, but what we do know is where to find him during the Christmas season. Malls across America are filled with excited young children waiting to meet the jolly old man in the red suit this time of year, and plenty of other attractions around the world feature a meet-and-greet as well. Certain Santa spots are more popular than others, however, and for many different reasons.

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Santa Clauses at famous department stores such as London’s Harrods and New York’s Macy’s Herald Square are popular by default, due to the fact that they’re located in heavily advertised (and commercialized) Christmas wonderlands. Other Santas are just plain famous on their own merit, such as New Orleans’s legendary Seventh Ward Santa and Surfin’ Santa at Seaport Village in San Diego. We gathered up a list of these famous Santa Clauses and many more from around the world. Located in places as varied as amusement parks, train rides, shopping complexes, and even an aquarium, here are the world’s most popular Santa Clauses.