12 Things You Didn't Know About Santa

We got the lowdown from Mrs. Claus and the top elves

Some call him Kris Kringle, others know him as St. Nicholas, and of course he often goes by the name of Santa Claus. As familiar as he is to us all, however, it occurred to us that a lot of people really don't know very much about the guy. We wanted to find out more. While Santa himself was too busy to answer our personal questions, we got a lot of the inside scoop from his elves when they dropped off milk and cookies at The Daily Meal for our annual holiday party. They filled us in on everything from his cookie-eating habits to the sources behind the naughty and nice list. Mrs. Claus also spared a minute to tell us Santa’s favorite snacks for the sleigh and what he eats before he leaves the North Pole on Christmas Eve! Hint: it isn’t more cookies.

What is Santa’s favorite Christmas movie? How old is he really? We’ve come up with the answers to these and other questions! Learn all about Santa, while you prepare Christmas cookies or are throwing a holiday party to get yourself into the Christmas spirit this holiday season!