What New York City Food Are You, Based on Your Astrological Sign?

Find out if you are a Cronut, a Waldorf Salad, or something better (or worse)


Are you a cronut? Find out. (Photo Modified: Flickr/CCFoodTravel.com)

New York City is full of unique personalities, but each of its 8.4 million residents is one of twelve astrological signs. Don’t be a spoilsport; find out which iconic New York delicacy matches your zodiac.

Aries: Chicken and Rice

Though you might not have the patience to line up on 53rd Street for The Halal Guys truck, you have a personality as fiery as that extra hot sauce you probably ask for on your rice.

Taurus: Pastrami and Rye

Taurus folk value all things traditional, and in New York, pastrami and rye at Katz’s Delicatessen is as traditional as it gets. But like Tauruses, the food coma you’ll encounter after one of these is very stubborn.

Gemini: Black and White Cookie

The mind of a Gemini is essentially a black and white cookie: split in two when it comes to most decisions. Glaser's Bake Shop has been making them for 112 years (cookies, not Geminis). Geminis are also very sweet — when they need to be, at least.

Cancer: Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

Like a Cancer personality, the banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery is a little hermit in its plastic container/shell, until it opens up to you. Then, it’s sweet (though perhaps a little over-sharing) and sympathetic — anybody who has had one after a bad day knows this all too well.

Leo: Cronut

This croissant–doughnut hybrid at Dominique Ansel had people lining up for months, media covering it for weeks, and copycats springing up all over the world. What Leo wouldn’t love all that attention?

Virgo: Chocolate Chip Layer Cake

The chocolate chip layer cake might not be the most iconic or popular dish at Momofuku Milk Bar, but it sums up Virgos perfectly. Its unusual mix of flavors — chocolate, coffee, and passion fruit — are meticulously arranged in an orderly, sometimes micro-managerial, way that only a Virgo could execute.

Libra: Soup Dumplings

Every New Yorker knows about the soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai. Libras can be very dependent on others, just as a soup dumpling is on a spoon and chopsticks. They appear cool and calm on the outside, but have their own chaotic (and deliciously charming) mess on the inside.

Scorpio: Brooklyn Blackout Cake

With an intense and decadent flavor, this cake is not for the feeble-stomached. Scorpios are mysterious, just like the hidden ingredient —stout — in the much-loved Brooklyn blackout cake at Ovenly.

Sagittarius: Dollar Pizza

Like Sagittarius folk, dollar pizza is no-nonsense and confident, and with good reason: everybody loves pizza. There’s no party without a Sagittarius, just like there’s no true night of revelry in New York that doesn’t end at a place more or less as delicious as Percy’s on Bleecker Street.

Capricorn: Bagel and Lox

You can always depend on a wise-beyond-her-years Capricorn, just as you can always depend on a bagel and lox to satisfy you in the morning (or any time, really). Russ & Daughters has served this classic for more than 100 years — they might even be the reason it became a classic in the first place.

Aquarius: Waldorf Salad

Eclectic, open-minded, and prone to debate, Aquarius folk have a lot to offer in conversation — just as the Waldorf Salad has a lot to offer you in terms of taste and health. Try it where it all began — at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Pisces: Pierogis

Pisces are known for their creativity, and pierogis can have so many different fillings and accompanying sauces that it’s the perfect playing field for these dreamers. They can also be vegetarian-friendly, which is on par with Piscean empathy. Of course, you have to get them at Veselka

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