The Best Amusement Parks for Halloween

The Best Amusement Parks for Halloween

Get ready for the most thrilling ride of your life

Amusement parks are full of fun games, loveable characters, great food, and thrilling rides. It makes sense, then, that every October many of them take it to the next level for their thrill-seeking guests.

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Nearly every major theme park has a special event relating to Halloween, typically throughout the entire month. Some keep it cute with seasonal decorations or characters dressed up in Halloween gear, whereas others go all out, creating haunted houses or rides, spooky shows, and having menacing creatures who are sure to make you scream even when you’re not on a roller coaster.

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Of course, not all amusement parks do a great job of celebrating Halloween. We’ve made up a list of the ones who do it best. Many of them succeed in creating an experience that’s absolutely terrifying, whereas others are just joining in for some happy Halloween fun. There may be an age limit, however, depending on the level of spookiness, so we suggest you check the suggested or required minimum age when planning your visit to one of the best amusement parks for Halloween.