The Most Haunted Place in Every State

Photo Modified: Wikimedia Commons/ Karl Thomas Moore CC BY SA 4.0

The Most Haunted Place in Every State

In anticipation of Halloween, we trekked across the country to find the most haunted place in all 50 states

A few weeks ago we brought you 13 houses that might legitimately be haunted, and you enjoyed it so much that we decided to expand the list to the entire country: 50 states, 50 haunted places.

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Of course, there are a few issues when determining which locations are the most haunted. First of all, many people don’t believe in ghosts. If you’re one of them, then consider this a list of the places that are often reported as haunted by visitors, employees, and/or ghost hunters. Whether or not you actually buy into it all, some of these tales are truly creepy.

Second, what does most haunted even mean? To many, it would be akin to asking something such as, “Which creature is most magical: unicorns, fairies, or leprechauns?” For us, as journalists, it basically comes down to the place with the most reports of spooky situations and unexplained happenings. Having a freaky backstory helps, too.

In the end, it’s all about the experience. If you don’t subscribe to the spirit world, you’ll likely still be entertained by the stories of all the scaredy-cats. If you’re looking to contact Casper, then these locations are a good place to start.

Please note: Not all of these haunted places are legally accessible to the general public. They may be for private use, or have been closed, or are not safe to enter. We do not encourage any sort of illegal or unsafe activity.

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