10 Most Haunted Places in the World

We traveled abroad to find the 10 most haunted places outside of America — just in time for Halloween

The Rose Hall Plantation is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica — in case you needed a reason to plan a tropical vacation.

After bringing you 13 houses in America that might be legitimately haunted and the most haunted place in every state, we’d like to take a moment to examine the rest of the world. Obviously, Americans aren’t the only superstitious ones in the world (although we’re probably one of the more superstitious countries), so what other places does the rest of the world deem to be haunted?

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Unfortunately, it would be too difficult to do a location in every country, so we instead picked the top 10.

As stated in a previous article, this piece is for the entertainment value of those who don’t believe in ghosts and can assist in crafting an actual travel itinerary for ghost hunters. Of course, make sure you are legally allowed to enter the following locations before planning a trip. In regard to whether or not the spirits want you to enter, that’s out of our jurisdiction.


Happy hauntings and hunting!