13 Houses in America That Might Legitimately Be Haunted

13 Houses in America That Might Legitimately Be Haunted

Don’t believe in haunted houses? Test your bravery by visiting one of these 13 spooky places

With October only two weeks away, we’ve got plenty of spooky content on the way here at The Daily Meal. On the Travel Channel, we’ll be exploring some fun Halloween-related content, including lists of some of the most haunted places around the country and the world.

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To start, we’re going to focus on the old standby: haunted houses. Except we’re not talking about haunted houses that were built simply for entertainment, already looking old and staffed by costumed workers. No, we’re talking about actual houses (hospitals, hotels, schools, and other buildings will have to wait — unless they were originally built as houses or small inns) that are said to be legitimately haunted.

Don’t believe in ghosts? Great! But trust us, that doesn’t help any. Ghosts and other spirits would at least make the mysterious happenings and frightening figures seen in these houses explainable. Not believing in these ghouls just makes the stories surrounding these places even more baffling.

We might make a believer out of you yet.

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