20 Mind-Blowing Cruise Ship Amenities You Didn't Know Existed

When people say cruise ships have everything, you probably never thought of these outrageous amenities

Yes, these bumper cars really are on a cruise ship.

For those who have never been on a cruise, or those who haven’t cruised in a long time, the amenities on board might seem predictable: buffets, a crowded pool area, some bars, and a show or two are the standard expectations. But cruise ships today are bigger, more competitive, and much more innovative than ever before. This not only means the restaurants and bars have improved in quality, but the activities and entertainment onboard has followed suit as well.

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And we’re not even talking about the driving ranges, mini-golf, ice-skating rinks, and water slides that are enjoyable but have been around for years. Oh no, this is a world that is lightyears away from what people used to expect and receive.


The following 20 features should surprise in two ways: First, there are the fun-but-familiar activities that people will be amazed to find out can fit on a ship at all. And second, some of these amenities will be entirely new ideas that you didn’t even know existed at all, let alone on a giant hunk of steel cruising along in the middle of the ocean. Regardless of which area your incredulity falls under, there’s no doubt that these 20 features are absolutely mind-blowing.