13 Cool Ice Hotels and Restaurants

Dress warm and visit one of these 13 frosty destinations, from ice bars to ice hotel rooms, for a (literally) cool experience.

Pommery Ice Restaurant at Snow Village Canada combines a gourmet eating experience with extravagant ice and snow sculptures and architecture.

Admit it: as a kid you always wanted to sleep inside an igloo, but like many an "unrealistic" dream, your parents (probably) talked you out of pursuing it. Well, now that you’re older and have your own disposable income to play with, it’s time to re-open the possibilities you imagineered as a kid, because — like it or not, mom and dad — there are an abundance of ice hotels operating across the world, offering you the remarkable opportunity to fulfill this lifelong desire.

13 Cool Ice Hotels and Restaurants (Slideshow)

From Quebec to outside Copenhagen and up to the Arctic Circle, you’ll find a smorgasbord of snowy retreats to choose from that each provide their own mystique. Some are equipped with icy art galleries on-site filled with sculptures made of snow and "slice," an ice-snow mixture that acts as a binding agent, while other hotels have saunas and whirlpools on premises for travelers in need of revitalizing relaxation. And, to make things even better, each hotel has its own restaurant to give guests a taste of their respective local landscapes. 

On top of resorts filled with igloos and arctic activities like snowshoeing and dogsledding, you’ll also be able to enjoy cocktails at a number of new ice bars that have debuted in recent years. From Minus5 in New York City, Las Vegas, and soon to be Orlando, Fla., to Chillout in Dubai, these polar-themed drinking destinations take architecture, interior design, and serving glasses to a level hitherto inexperienced.


Without further ado, here are some of the world’s coolest new attractions. Check them out in our slideshow and see which one best fits your idea of the ideal igloo, and then go make your childhood wishes come true.