9 Tips for the Perfect Picnic


Make the most out of picnic season.

Yogi Bear may think that the only things you bring to a picnic are a pic-a-nic basket and a bottomless stomach, but there’s more to throwing a successful outdoor lunch than meets the eye.Summer is the height of picnic season, and whether you’re setting up an outdoor lunch on the beach, at your local park, or simply in your own backyard, we know how to take your picnic into the twenty-first century with gadgets, games, and creative ways to keep your food cool.

9 Tips for the Perfect Picnic (Slideshow)

From a romantic meal for two to a huge family reunion, the basic tenets of a rockin’ picnic remain the same: convenience, cleanliness, and, of course, delicious, portable food that you can easily keep cool and fresh. You’ll also want to avoid some of the common picnic pitfalls, like insect invasions (the cartoon image of ants running all over your picnic blanket is not something you’ll want to repeat in person!) and napkins blowing away on a windy day.

Our tips are “smarter than your average” party advice, and will make the planning process a whole lot easier. Happy picnicking!

Avoid Messy, Complex, or Difficult Foods

There are plenty of picnic “do’s,” but be sure to avoid these food “don’ts” — they’re sure to cause a mess. After all, your guests are eating outside, and, chances are, right on the ground. Foods that require major assembly, like tacos; are super messy, like ribs; or call for some serious knife skills, like steak, are not proper picnic fare.

Ban Bugs Easily


To avoid turning your refreshments into bug juice, simply invest in Mason jars with lids and straws. The go-to insect repellent is bug spray, but if you aren’t comfortable with spraying DEET around your food all afternoon, we recommend bringing foods like grapefruit and bananas, which naturally repel insects.