Shark Eats Roommate for Lunch in Front of Aquarium Audience

One shark kept bumping into another, so she ate him
Shark tank


A shark at the Seoul Aquarium spent a whole day just casually eating one of the other sharks because he wouldn't stop bumping into her.

Shark meat is a very controversial delicacy, but nobody told that to an 8-year-old female shark in the Seoul Aquarium who resorted to a bit of cannibalism this week right in the middle of the aquarium after a much smaller shark kept bumping into her and she turned around and bit his head off, literally.

Sharks are big, tough, and intimidating. Sharks are apex predators and pretty much get to swim around and eat whatever will fit in their mouths, but it would seem that if one were a smaller shark sharing a small space with a larger shark, one would follow one big, glowing, golden rule: Don’t be annoying. A 5-year-old shark at the Seoul Aquarium failed to adhere to that rule this week and wound up as lunch right in the middle of the tank.

According to Jezebel, video from the aquarium shows the female shark biting the male right on the head after he bumped into her one too many times, and she continued to chow down on him until she’d eaten him all up. The aquarium says it took 21 hours for her to finish eating her roommate. The other sharks in the tank just sort of swam around as though nothing out of the ordinary were happening. The sight of the shark eating another shark probably put a few human visitors off their own meals, though. The circle of life can be pretty gory sometimes.


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