10 Wacky Themed Cafés in Japan You Really Have to Visit

From rabbits to reptiles, here are 10 themed cafés you have to see to believe
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Photo Modified: Flickr / Guilhem Vellut / CC BY 4.0

As far as Japanese themed cafés go, there's definitely something for everyone.

Japan is the world capital of themed cafés and restaurants, offering everything from a Gundam café where guests can eat and drink while expressing their giant robot fandom to a variety of cat cafés where visitors can sip drinks and get their feline fix. Maid cafés are also popular, where visitors are served carefully arranged dishes by young women in maid costumes, as are butler cafés, their counterpart, where young men dress in formal wear to serve (mostly female) guests.

Check out this slideshow of 10 wacky themed cafés in Japan.

Pop-up cafés are also very common, like a My Little Pony eatery that should be open for approximately a month, with decorations and dishes inspired by the brand. Another recent pop-up is a variety of Back to the Future cafés, just in time for October 21, 2015, a date mentioned in one of the films. These cafés are only open for a limited time but feature themed décor, music, and menu options.

We’ve rounded up 10 of Japan’s wackiest themed cafés for your enjoyment; add them to your bucket list if you’re into bunnies, Gundams, or reptiles.

@home café


@home cafe is a popular Japanese maid cafe.

Maid cafés are popular in Japan, where young women wear maid costumes and serve carefully plated dishes, sometimes arranged in the shapes of animal faces. Meals usually come with some sort of pop dance and performance. @home café has four floors and is considered the most popular maid café in the Akhibara region of Tokyo.

Butlers Café


Photo Modified: Wikimedia Commons / Solomon203 / CC BY-SA 3.0

This butler cafe has salad with salmon and blue papaya on the menu.


Butler cafés are a phenomenon in Japan, where young men dress up in formal clothing and usher guests (usually ladies) to their seats. Items on this one’s menu include prosciutto and fresh basil pizza and a salad with salmon and blue papaya.