The Newest Black Burger From Japan is a Whole Fried Frog Sandwich

The Orbi Yokohama theme park will be serving an entire fried frog stuffed between two black buns

Black buns alone aren’t enough to push the envelope anymore in Japan… so let’s add an entire frog.

What’s black and green and fried all over? Why, Japan’s newest black bun burger creation, of course.  Orbi Yokohama, a nature-themed museum and amusement park just south of Tokyo, has put a frog burger on its menu: a whole deep fried frog, topped with lettuce, chili sauce, a little bit of soy sauce-flavored chicken, and stuffed between two charcoal-blackened buns. The burger costs 1000 Japanese yen, or around $8.26 USD, according to The Telegraph.

The strange menu addition is part of the museum’s newest exhibit on poisonous animals. Don’t worry — your burger is safe from any toxins. If you’re croaking for more frog-themed fare, the museum will also offer a toad dessert: a frog egg dessert made with a frog-shaped jelly candy and almond tofu. The exhibit will also highlight spiders, stingrays, and puffer fish. Maybe if these guys had known how poisonous puffer fish are, they would not have ended up in the hospital last week.