A Japanese Cafe Chain Has Invented Kit Kat Croissants

The Japanese cafe chain Pronto is serving Kit Kat croissants now
Kit Kat croissant


A Japanese cafe is selling croissants stuffed with Kit Kat bars.

Japan has done a lot of wild and crazy things with Kit Kat bars, like using them as pizza toppings and even turning them into tasty little sandwiches. Now a cafe chain in Japan has taken a page from the Cronut’s book and come up with a new way to make a croissant even sweeter by filling it with Kit Kats.

According to Rocket News 24, Pronto, a popular Japanese chain of cafes, has introduced the Kit Kat croissant for 170 yen, or about $1.40 each. They are exactly what they sound like. Each one is a totally normal looking croissant with two Kit Kat bars baked inside. They can either be grabbed from a pastry display and eaten cold, or warmed up by the staff so the Kit Kat melts and gets all gooey and chewy.

Right now the Kit Kat croissants come in two flavors. The pastry is always just a plain, buttery croissant, but it comes with either a milk chocolate or matcha flavored Kit Kat stuffed inside.

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Officially, the Kit Kat croissants are a limited-time offering, but Pronto has not announced an ending date for the product yet, so they could be permanent. Or they could disappear tomorrow, so not ordering one would be a risk.