Japan Gets New Gourmet Cooking School for Cats

Doting cat owners can cook their pets 4-course meals
ABC Cooking Studio

A Japanese cooking school is offering a course on how to make food to share with your cat. 

As if cats were not already spoiled and entitled enough, now a new cooking school is opening in Japan to teach owners how to prepare gourmet four-course meals they can share with their cats.

According to Rocket News 24, the ABC Cooking School, a chain of cooking schools in Japan, and MonPetit, a high-end cat food, have joined forces to create a “Cooking School for My Cat and Me” lesson, wherein owners can learn a very fancy, four-course dinner appropriate for both humans and cats. What the owners do with that knowledge is up to them, but some romantic, candlelit dinners at the dining table seem inevitable.

The course menu and recipes are already available on the ABC Cooking School website: dishes include tuna flakes with tartar cream sauce, tuna and bonito carpaccio with scallop garnish, cold tuna and vegetable soup with bonito aroma, and grilled salmon with spinach cream sauce. The meals are designed to be perfectly safe and appealing for cats, while also being a very nice dish to put in front of a human guest as well.

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