Turkey Tenderloin Recipes (Not Just for Turkey Day)

Turkey should be consumed all year long
How to Carve a Turkey

Jonathan Sawyer shows us how to carve a turkey the right way.

Lemon Basil Turkey Tenderloins


These recipes make us wish Turkey Day was every day.

You look forward to Turkey Day all year long. Like many, it’s the one time a year that you enjoy turkey as a main course. This bird is a great lean option for the entrée at any family dinner. Use these mouth-watering recipes to serve turkey every night of the week, rather than just on Thanksgiving. Your family will love this dinner change up as it’s a nice break from serving red meat, fish, or chicken.

Crusted Turkey Tenderloin

This turkey tenderloin is crusted with honey mustard, lemon zest, rosemary, and oregano to transform it from a plain roasted turkey into a spiced up one. Honey mustard gives this turkey a sweet creamy bite, and, when baked, the herbs give off a pleasant aroma. The lemon zest adds a subtle, refreshing flavor that combines with rosemary to bring out the fresh garden flavors in this dish. Use this turkey to make some crusted turkey tenderloin sandwiches to get everyone excited for Turkey Day.

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Honey Mustard Turkey Tenderloin

Honey mustard salad dressing gives this savory dinner dish a sweet, tangy taste. Garlic powder, basil, and oregano coat this turkey tenderloin to give it a well-seasoned sharp flavor that plays down the overly sweet dressing. Sweet basil and garlic powder give this turkey more of an Italian flavoring. Serve this with green beans to balance out the sugary honey mustard dressing with a steamed vegetable.

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Lemon Basil Turkey Tenderloins

This simple turkey tenderloin dish is a great dinner option if you want to cook something easy and tasty for your family. Chopped fresh basil, lemon, garlic, and parsley combine to give this turkey a zesty, strong bite.

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Turkey Tenderloin Cranberry Sandwich

Turkey Tenderloin Cranberry Sandwich


An easy way to eat Thanksgiving every day.

This sandwich combines two of the most iconic Thanksgiving foods: turkey and cranberries. The turkey tenderloin is sprinkled with soy sauce, mustard, salt and pepper to give it a sharp, strong flavor that is toned down perfectly with the fresh orange zest in the cranberry sauce.

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