10 Things New Englanders Always Have On Their Thanksgiving Table

There is no holiday more American than Thanksgiving. But what's on the Thanksgiving dinner table around the country can look quite different. Sure, you have your staples everywhere. No Thanksgiving is complete without turkey and stuffing. But the South, the Midwest, and even New England have very distinctive side dishes and twists on holiday classics that may just surprise you.

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New England is where the first Thanksgiving took place, so the recipes in that region are steeped in traditions. You'll find a perfectly roasted turkey at the center of every table, alongside a stunning homemade cranberry sauce and a traditional pumpkin pie. But the region is not immune to having its localized specialties. Because of the East Coast's affinity for seafood, you'll find oceanic twists to many of the dishes. It's not uncommon to have oysters in your stuffing and clams in your pre-dinner dip.

If you want to take your Thanksgiving back to the holiday's origins this year or if you're just looking for fun and new twists on your own family's classics, click here for our recipe roundup of 10 things New Englanders always have on their Thanksgiving table.