Chinese Takeout and 10 Other Crazy Food Costumes Slideshow

From sweet to savory, these are the most outrageous food costumes we've seen

Piece of Pizza

Halloween is less than a week away, so it’s time to select a costume. We love these crazy food-inspired costumes and think they’re perfect for making this year’s celebrations the best yet. From Chinese takeout to hot sauce, these costumes are guaranteed to make everyone hungry.

Food costumes are perfect if you’re trying to find easy group ensembles for your whole family or circle of friends. Dress as the fruits in the Fruit of the Loom logo, or go as a hamburger, soft drink, and fries to complete a Happy Meal with your friends.

Bacon and Eggs

What an eggcelent choice for an out-of-the-box couple’s costume this year. Your sizzling bacon will go nicely with your counterpart’s sunny-side-up egg, making you two the cutest and most unexpected couple at the party.


What a cheesy costume! Have your significant other dress as a rat to make this a cute couple’s costume. He or she could even be the pizza rat to celebrate current food celebrities.

Chinese Takeout

Lo Mein? Fried rice? The possibilities are endless with this Chinese takeout box costume. Everyone will “enjoy” this costume, and it goes well if you want to dress up your child or pet as a little dumpling!

Coca-Cola Cup

Celebrate your love for your favorite soda with this costume. Make this a couple’s costume by dressing your significant other as the Coca-Cola Polar Bear!

Hot Sauce

Spice things up a bit with this crazy outfit. This hot chile sauce costume is a good option if you want to celebrate your love of spicy food, but still want to wear something flattering.

Ice Cream Cone

This sprinkle-filled costume is guaranteed to make your friends crack up this Halloween with your creamy appearance. If ice cream is your favorite dessert, this is the perfect choice for you.

Mac and Cheese

This hysterical children’s costume looks like it's filled with cheesy goodness. It even comes with a mac and cheese hat that everyone will want to try on.


Be careful with this costume. This inedible costume looks so delicious, your friends just might want to take a bite of your maple syrup or buttery pancakes. Use black or brown pants and a long-sleeve shirt under this costume to camouflage yourself, making this costume look even more realistic.


Let’s get nutty this Halloween with a huge peanut costume. Dress your significant other as butter to make this into a peanut butter food costume that’s completely nuts.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

For the attached-at-the-hip couple, this costume is a sweet option. What better way to show all of your friends that your date is your other half than by asking them to go as the peanut butter to your jelly.

Slice of Pizza

Make this greasy, cheesy costume even more fun by adding your own toppings to the pizza slice you’re representing. Create some meatball or pineapple pieces for the perfect personalized pizza.