A Bunch of Colorblind People Just Found Out That Peanut Butter Isn’t Green

‘I just Googled “What color is peanut butter?” because I didn’t believe you’
A Bunch of Colorblind People Just Found Out That Peanut Butter Isn’t Green

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Who knew peanut butter was this mysterious?

In a Reddit reaction thread about the heartwarming video of a colorblind young man who, without warning, is given revolutionary color-correcting sunglasses and is then filmed experiencing the world in true color for the first time in his life, several colorblind Redditors incidentally discovered that peanut butter isn’t green.

It started when one Redditor did some research on EnChroma, the company who produces the corrective sunglasses.

A second reader then found a simple example of one of the ways in which a colorblind person sees the world differently from the rest of the world: “Due to the significant spectral shift of the L-cone, strong protans may perceive these colors to have different spectral locations, for example, something as ordinary as peanut butter, which should look brown, appears to be green for someone with color blindness!”

That reader, who is himself colorblind, was quite surprised to find out that he had been seeing peanut butter wrong for his entire life. The rest of the comment chain is quickly filled with fellow colorblind people who share their reactions. One comment reads, “I just Googled ‘What color is peanut butter?’ because I didn’t believe you. I’m kind of stunned…” Another commenter shares, “I was 22 before I found out peanut butter wasn’t green.”

Check out the full thread for yourself on Reddit, and watch that video mentioned above if you haven’t already. His reaction to seeing the color purple, on a regular old can of Clorox wipes, is especially poignant. For more shocking peanut butter facts, click here to find out 10 things you didn't know you could do with peanut butter.