There Is a Pizza Rat Boulevard Street Sign in Brooklyn

Someone spotted this street sign in Greenpoint, but sadly, it is not real

Pizza Rat has a street named after him!

You might remember seeing a viral video last month of Pizza Rat — a rat that dragged a whole slice of pizza down a set of stairs in a New York City subway station. Heck, someone even made a Pizza Rat Halloween costume in honor of the resilient little rat. Now, there is a Pizza Rat Boulevard to celebrate the Internet-famous rodent.

Well, kind of.

The sign was propped up on a street pole in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by the staff of the Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. “Pizza Rat Boulevard” is actually located on the corner of India and Franklin Streets.

“They had notified us about it in advance,” a 3 Roots Cafe employee told ABC News. “It was only up for a few hours. There's always a lot of filming around in the area.”

Sadly, the sign was taken down at the end of the day on October 15. But, people in the neighborhood were able to snap some photos for social media. We can still hope that one day there will actually be a Pizza Rat Boulevard.


Finally #PizzaRat gets the recognition he deserves with Pizza Rat Boulevard in Greenpoint

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Corner of Franklin and Pizza Rat Blvd.

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