14 Grilling Tools Dad Absolutely Needs This Father's Day

14 Grilling Tools Dad Absolutely Needs This Father’s Day

Father's Day always coincides with peak grilling season, so it's no surprise that Dad's gifts are often focused on his favorite summertime cooking method. If your dad is always that man who spends every summer cookout protectively guarding the grill, making sure no one else tries to disturb his rigorous, meticulous cooking methods, then your Father's Day shopping just got a whole lot easier. Help him perfect those burgers, learn some new grilling skills, and improve his barbecuing technique with these top gifts.

Barbecue Branding Iron

For the keen grilling Dad, who already has all the essential tools, this totally unessential barbecue branding iron will make the perfect gift. Being able to burn his initials on to everything that comes off that grill will make him happier than you could ever imagine.

Barbecue Gloves

Don't let a grilling accident lead to Dad spending hours to get his burns bandaged up in hospital this summer. A hefty pair of grilling gloves will protect him from the heat: A sturdy suede or leather pair will last him a lifetime and save him a lot of scars and pain.

Carving Board

There's always a need for a clean, sturdy, hard-wearing board to put all that meat on once it comes off the grill. Give Dad a carving board dedicated to his grilled meat to make sure that the meat can always rest and be prepared easily and without any fuss.

Grill Pan

Grilling can be stressful when you're trying to cook small pieces of meat and vegetables, which always seem to fall between the gaps in the grill. Don't let this be a problem ever again by buying Dad a grill sheet or pan which can sit on top of the grill irons: It should still have gaps in so the food can obtain that smoky flavor, but will stop dinner escaping into the flames, never to be seen again.

Long-Handled Tongs

Using that standard set of tongs kept in the kitchen always leads to much cursing and sharp intakes of breath when Dad uses them to grill with. The handles simply aren't long enough to protect him from the heat: Buy him a set of long-handled tongs to save his hands and arms from burning every time he tries to turn something over on the grill.

Metal Grill Spatula

Flipping burgers is a highly refined skill, which should never be underestimated. Make sure Dad is fully prepared to perfect this art by providing him with a long-handled, metal grill spatula, for flipping with the ultimate ease.

Pizza Stone

Cooking your homemade pizza on the grill is one of this summer's hottest food trends. Make sure your family is well-equipped to try this tasty fashion by providing Dad with a pizza stone that can be used on the grill, ready to make his unconventional grilled dinner.

Sauces and Spices

If your dad has all the key grilling equipment, then give him the kitchen ingredients that will make his grilling all the more delicious. There's no end of gourmet collections of rubs, marinades, spices, and sauces, which will all enhance that sizzling meat, upgrading his grilling game dramatically.


Everyone knows that food always tastes better when eaten off a stick. Never have the dilemma of wanting to make a kebab but being out of wooden sticks, or not having soaked them, by investing in some reusable, sturdy metal ones, which can be flung straight on the barbecue, with whatever you want pierced on to them.

Smoker Box

Transform your grill into a classic barbecue by using a smoker box on top of the grill. A woodchip filled box will enable you to get that classic barbecue taste, the pink ring around the edge of the meat, and a deep, smoky flavor, without having to become a highly qualified pitmaster.

Steak Knives

Grilling tools can be more than what is literally needed for cooking. What happens when those beautiful steaks are done to perfection, but then no one is able to slice into them with the blunt knife they have? A fancy set of steak knives will be used often, and will last forever.

Swedish Firesteel

If your dad is one of those men who will always be determined to grill, no matter what the weather, then he may be in need of a Swedish firesteel so that he can get the grill lit, even when the rain is pouring down.


Any grilling-obsessed dad needs at least two thermometers to perfect his favorite cooking method. One thermometer is needed to sit on the grill, to help determine when it's ready to be used, and how long the meat needs to be cooked for. The other is one tthat can be stuck into the meat, to check its internal temperature, to let him know whether it's ready to eat or not.

Vertical Chicken Roaster

Roasting your chicken in the oven will become a cooking method of the past when Dad discovers this vertical chicken roaster. Beer-can chicken has upgraded to a high-tech process thanks to this vertical chicken roaster, which can be filled with your cooking liquid of choice, helping you to grill your chicken to tasty perfection.