7 Useless Grilling Tools Slideshow


Golf Clubs BBQ Set

We get that you like to golf, but do you really need a putter-shaped spatula? Not so much. 

Flexible Skewers

Do you really need bendy skewers when grilling? Maybe they allow you to use the space on your grill more efficiently, but we have to wonder how flimsy they are and how unwieldy when weighed down by heavy meat and veggies. Things could get a little crazy on that grill. 

Animal-Shaped Corn Holders

Aaron McCargo's thought on these corn holders? "Corn is meant to be eaten with your hands." Enough said. 

Briefcase of Tools

On Sam Zien's list of pointless equipment? Excessive equipment and the prongs with the long handles on them. As he says, "What are you gonna do, stab the steak and let all the juices run out? Or stab a chicken or hot dog?"

Rib Racks

While Steven Raichlen's rib rack might have a big name attached to it, it's probably not something Aaron McCargo is going to buy. His thoughts? "I was the sucker who bought one of those rib racks that you put on your grill, and you’re supposed to slide the ribs bw these columns. But it fell apart, the ribs fell, and it was just a piece of junk." 

He says that people go over-the-top and buy steam baskets to steam vegetables on the grill. "Let grilling be grilling. Grill your vegetables." 

Griller Bags

Bags that promise to make perfect grill marks and can be washed and re-used. Our thoughts? Maybe just use a grill. 

Mini Raclette

Similar to the idea of fondue, these mini pans allow you to heat cheese on the grill in perfect single-sized portions. Now, there's nothing wrong with gooey, melted cheese, but aren't there so many other foods that can be made on a grill that don't require a special pan?