4 Father’s Day Gifts for Flavor-Loving Dads

News flash: Father’s Day is June 19

The newest additions to EPIC's epic products, animal cooking oils, are pefect for flavor-loving dads.

Just in case you “forgot,” Father’s Day is on June 19 this year. If you’re struggling to find a quality gift for Poppa Bear, don’t revert to the 1960s default of a tin of shoe polish — it’s 2016, after all. We have the interwebs now. You still have plenty of time to get onto the Googles (we’re laughing with you, not at you Dad…) and buy your dad something truly special. We suggest one of the unique, delicious, all-around hungry dad-worthy gifts below.

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Help Dad amp up his grilling game with Spiceologist, a high-quality and inventive spice, rub, and kitchen accessory brand that offers over 150 premium spices as well as unique kitchen gadgets. The 4 Pack Rub Set ($48) is the perfect gift for any dad who loves to get his chef on in the kitchen or outside on the grill. It includes several of Spiceologist’s bestselling spice blends such as Smoky Honey Habanero, Chile Margarita, Greek Freak, and Black Magic. Does Dad keep it healthy? No worries: Spiceologist products are all-natural, low-sodium, low-sugar, non-GMO, and only include ultra-premium ingredients. If your dad is more of an all-around cook, get him the Spiceologist Block, a stylish European beech block that holds 22 glass vials of fresh spices for your kitchen counter. You can pick your own spices ($179) or choose from one of three starter blocks ($159.95). Better yet, each block can be personalized to include a message or sentiment (for an extra $20), making it the must-have gift for every chef-dad and dad-chef.

For the dad who loves to do his best Gordon Ramsay impression in the kitchen (maybe not the “Right, I’ll get you more pumpkin; I’ll ram it right up your [expletive-ing] arse. Would you like it whole or diced?” Gordon Ramsay, unless your family loves screaming and cursing at each other, then by all means do whatever you’d like with your pumpkin), get him a truly unique gift this year with EPIC Provision's​​​​ ​new cooking oils. Available in Pork Lard, Beef Tallow, and Duck Fat, each animal fat cooking oil contains a single ingredient of the purest quality that will enhance the flavor of any dish. For dads who love the taste of wild game (perhaps without the thrill of the hunt), give him one of EPIC's latest bar innovations, including Wild Boar ,and the world's first fish-based protein bar, Salmon Sea Salt Pepper, or the classic Bison Bacon Cranberry. Each EPIC bar is paleo-friendly, gluten-free, packed with superfoods, protein-rich, and flavor-forward.

For the dad who needs his protein fix, Daily Harvest delivers frozen ready-to-blend smoothies right to your door in 14 “30-second” smoothie blends, consisting of frozen and pre-measured ingredients designed for optimum nutrition and taste. This allows swole dads to get their protein fix after the gym (or skinny dads to get protein after spin class) in a healthy and convenient way. Available in flavors such as Cacao + Avocado Power (12 grams of protein), Blueberry + Hemp Booster (10 grams of protein), and Cold Brew + Almond Energizer (10 grams protein), the six-blend box subscription ($47.94 with free shipping) is perfect for dads who don’t want to compromise convenience for healthy nutrition. Each blend features a variety of nutritious and functional superfood ingredients including matcha, chlorella, avocado, ginger, turmeric, cacao nibs, and wheatgrass along with a base of organic fruits and vegetables.

Chameleon Cold-Brew is Austin’s original purveyor of bottled cold-brew coffee. Chameleon’s hand-picked South American Arabica beans are small-batch air-roasted, then brewed low and slow in Texas Hill Country water, making this brew extra powerful (aka caffeinated) and delicious for dads who can appreciate a good-tasting cup of joe. (Is your dad’s name Joe? Just wondering.) Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee also makes an excellent cocktail mixer, especially when paired with a shot of whiskey. Available now in Concentrate form (four to eight servings per bottle) in Black, Mocha, Vanilla, and Caramel flavors as well as Ready-to-Drink bottles in Espresso, Mexican, Chicory, Black, Vanilla, and Mocha.


The accompanying slideshow is provided by The Daily Meal special contributor Adam D’Arpino.