Kitchen Fantasies: High-End Grilling Equipment

A roundup of grilling tools we can only dream about

Stainless Steel Skewers

With grilling season about to kick into full gear, it’s fun to fantasize about the ideal grilling situation. You know, the perfect setup that includes the ultimate grilling machine: a smoker, convection oven, grill, and wood-fired oven all-in-one. (Oh yes, it exists and is incredible.) Or that smoker box your neighbor got as a wedding gift — are really cool gadgets why people get married? Probably not, but it ends up being a nice perk.

Though we know you could still cook delicious food on a tiny charcoal grill that neatly fits in your closet, isn’t it fun to think of what you could do if you had all the money in the world? Well, we think it is. So here is a roundup of the grill equipment we fantasize about.

Let us know what’s on your list!


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