10 Things Midwesterners Always Have On Their Thanksgiving Table

There's no place like home for the holidays, especially when you're from the Midwest. Often referred to as America's truest heartland, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and all the other Midwestern states are home to comfort foods and familiar flavors. When it comes to a Thanksgiving table in this middle part of the country, there's a lot of convenience cooking to optimize football watching time and hours spent with family — that is what's important after all!Thus, it follows that Midwestern Thanksgiving staples include a lot of things that can be whipped up with just a few cans of ingredients. That means one thing: casseroles.

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Yes, in addition to Thanksgiving casserole staples such as green bean casserole and stuffing, you'll find sweet potatoes, broccoli, and Jell-O all lovingly prepared in casserole dishes for you to enjoy. And all of these things are wonderfully drenched in cheese, of course. It's not a Midwestern party without tons of cheese.

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