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Yes, You Can Find Healthy Eating Choices at Gas Station Mini-Marts: Here's How

Consider this your guide to healthy eating while on a road trip

Whether you’re driving cross-country from Maine to California or just taking a two-hour drive to your in-laws’ condo, you may find yourself facing a classic healthy-eating quandary: selecting food from a gas station mini-mart. Before you deem everything there to be unhealthy, resolving to eat three candy bars and a corn dog (which has probably been spinning ever so slowly on that weird heating device for a decade) in defiance, we urge you to consider sifting through the rubbish and finding the healthiest options gas stations have to offer.

Here’s How You Can Find Healthy Choices at Gas Station Mini-Marts.

We’d be lying if we told you that you could find contemporary health staples like live-caught fish individually inspected for mercury or heaping piles of superfoods like arugula and asparagus in your average mini-mart. You won’t find sustainable, organic, cage-free, locally sourced foods at these stores, but you’ll be able to get some decent, convenient nutrition when in a pinch.

Sit back, strap in, and put on some good tunes (and those sunglasses you only wear while driving), because we’re going on a wildly healthy ride.

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