The Newest Way to Hydrate Is with ‘Antiwater’ Packed with Coffeefruit Extract and Electrolytes

The ‘anti’ stands for ‘antioxidants’
Bai’s Next-Level ‘Antiwater’

Bai Brand

This is the Antiwater, which contains electrolytes and coffeefruit extract.

Beverage company Bai Brands is launching an antioxidant-infused water called Antiwater, which they’re also terming “H2.0” because they believe it to be the “next generation of water hydration.”

While the company already has a line of antioxidant-infused drinks, this super-purified water is supposedly even healthier. Antiwater contains nano-filtered water, potassium citrate (electrolytes), and Bai’s blend of antioxidants, which includes organic coffeefruit extract, sodium ascorbate, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). These ingredients allegedly help to protect healthy cells from free radical damage.

Though the drink contains coffeefruit extract, it is caffeine free. Coffeefruit extract also has polyphenols and chlorogenic acid that supposedly recharge the body.

“Intense exercise, which benefits the body in so many ways, is also believed to speed up the production of free radicals, putting the body into a state of oxidative stress,” Ben Weiss, founder and CEO of Bai Brands, said in a press release. “A diet rich in antioxidants can help counter the impact of oxidative stress, as antioxidants are known to break down free radical molecules and inhibit their ability to harm healthy cells.”

Each bottle of Antiwater costs $1.99.

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