How to Peel a Dozen Hard-Boiled Eggs at Once

The egg-celent kitchen hack for peeling eggs you never knew you needed
How to Peel a Dozen Hard-Boiled Eggs at Once


Serve these hard-Boiled eggs with salt and pepper or turn them into deviled eggs.

Ever found yourself saddled with the task of making deviled eggs for the masses? I have, and it was the worst part of my day for about six months while I was working in my first restaurant. Perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs (without any graying around the yolk) is an art in itself, but then painstakingly peeling dozens of eggs without taking off half of the egg white in the process is a whole other story.  

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One good thing came from this hatred for peeling eggs, and that was this kitchen hack that will one day save your life when you find yourself with a pot full of hard-boiled eggs to peel, and no one to help.

First, follow our step-by-step guide for cooking hard-boiled eggs. Then, when your eggs are finished boiling, replace the hot water with cold water, leaving your eggs to chill out in the pot for about 10 minutes. (Note: this step is crucial for breaking down the membrane that connects the shell to the egg whites.)

Once your eggs have sat in the cold water, they should feel about room temperature. Pour the water out of the pot, leaving the eggs inside, and then shake the pot side-to-side. As you shake the pot, you will notice the eggshells starting to peel away. Once most of the shells have released, gently pull off the larger pieces of shell with your fingers. Give the eggs a rinse to remove any stubborn flecks of eggshell, and your eggs are ready for transforming into egg salad, deviled eggs, or pickled eggs.

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