thanksgiving dinner

15 Thanksgiving Sides You Won’t Believe are Gluten-Free

You won't miss the bread in these savory and sweet recipes
thanksgiving dinner

There's no reason to let gluten stop you from enjoying the classics on Thanksgiving.

As a gluten-free Thanksgiving host, you have a dilemma. Do you mess with the classics and make gluten-free versions of all your family and friends’ favorite dishes? Or do you stick with the tried and true and miss out on the fun yourself?

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Thankfully, with this roundup you can start a new food tradition: gluten-free recipes that actually taste good. How could they not? Here are some great ingredients that are all gluten-free: butter, potatoes, turkey, cranberries, sugar, bacon, squash… Need we go on? There’s no reason gluten has to take a seat at your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Many gluten-free restaurants have mastered the art of wheat-free cuisine. While it sounds difficult, it’s actually not that hard to omit gluten from your meal. Many people have to eat this way year-round due to gluten intolerance. Others simply go gluten-free due to the passing fad, eventually deciding to add gluten back into their diets.


Whatever your reason is for going gluten-free — we don’t judge — you can feast on everything you’re craving and more with this roundup of Thanksgiving sides you won’t believe are gluten-free.