Gluten-Free Restaurant In Austin Proves That Healthy Really Can Be Delicious

Worry-free dining is priceless, especially for those who suffer from food allergies. As a child, Picnik founder Naomi Seifter battled chronic food allergy illnesses and discovered that healthy cuisine was not readily available in the mainstream market unless she bought the ingredients separately and prepared it herself. This was where the concept for her restaurant was born.

Seifter started a food trailer on Austin's South Lamar Boulevard offering convenient grab-and-go breakfast and lunch items such as juices, bone broths, and butter coffees. The butter coffee is offered in three flavors: cappuccino, mocha latte, and dirty chai. Coffees are blended with unsalted, grass-fed butter to produce a light and creamy texture. In 2016, the success of the trailer's culinary model led to a flagship restaurant at the popular restaurant row on Burnet Road.

The featured dish is fish tacos, a delectable combination of cassava flour tortillas from local Siete Family Foods, crispy black drum from an Austin seafood market, orange-sesame slaw, fresh cilantro, chipotle aïoli, and limes. Although 800 percent more expensive than traditional cooking oil, avocado oil is used to fry and sauté items because of its health benefits.

Picnik is an educational experience where Austinites dine and simultaneously learn philosophies of healthier ingredients to incorporate into our daily meals. A good collection of dishes on the menu can be modified into vegetarian options upon request. Dietary restrictions and dish modifications are Picnik's specialties, and nothing is ever too weird in Austin. So for real food and good vibes, head over to Picnik, where you can feel absolutely comfortable ordering a dish just the way you like it.


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