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The Best and Worst Health News of 2017

‘Twas a year filled with coconut oil and low-fat avocados
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This is everything that happened in health and wellness this year.

This was a big year for health discovery — more disease risk factors have been found, obesity is still on everybody’s brain, and the consensus on fats fluctuated more than ever. Often, health news can contradict itself. First, something causes cancer, then it helps reduce the risk of it. This has happened with coffee, wine, and some of our other favorite foods and drinks time and time again.

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It was a big year for food. This year paved the way for new and exciting food inventions that could revolutionize the way we eat. An ice cream brand even made it onto Time’s annual list of best inventions worldwide. But at the same time, sugar is being condemned for causing all kinds of health problems. Come on, science. Can we eat dessert or not?!


Conflicting health news is frustrating; it can be hard to keep up with. But for those of you who want to get caught up on everything that happened this year, we combed through our top news stories from January until now to come up with the stories we consider to be the best news, followed by some stories we thought were a bit of a bummer.