healthy eating is hard

This Hilarious Video Sums Up Everything We Hate About Healthy Eating

At this point, let’s all just give up and eat cupcakes
healthy eating is hard

We are so done with raw broccoli.

Funny or Die, a comedy website that frequently publishes short clips of hilarious skits and sketches, released a video that encompasses everything that’s annoying about trying to eat healthy.

There’s nothing less consistent than studies that are supposed to reveal health risks and benefits of various foods. In the video, not even the benefit of hindsight — not even time travel —can help us get it right.

Should we eat sugar? No, obviously we should cut back. What about eggs? The paleo diet really could be killing us. Or maybe it’s legit?

Honestly, all the flip-flopping going on has us dizzy. Here at The Daily Meal, we definitely understand this struggle.

In fact, we’ve written more than a few conflicting articles ourselves. That’s what happens when we have to rely on rock solid science, am I right?

One minute, we’re told coffee is great for weight loss, but the next minute we’re warned we should really cut back.

What about red meat? Sometimes, we read it’s great for our health, but then in another article we’re told it will have us rushing to the ER.

We also thought beer was good for you. But it turns out, you have to choose the right kind — otherwise you could be at risk for all kinds of consequences.

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